Approved Services

The following services are approved by tScheme. Click on the links for further details.
(Listed in order of being granted tScheme Approval)

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Service name

Approval initially Granted on

As provided by


11th February 2002




Certificate Factory

8th March 2002




Assure PKI

27th May 2002




Root CA for NHS PKI

29th November 2007





12th May 2008




Defence Root CA

29th September, 2010




Police service Root CA

25th February 2011




Police service IAM Central Services CA

25th February 2011




Managed Secure Messaging

8th March 2011




Enterprise PKI

14th December 2012





21st October 2014




Identity Verifier for IdP

10th December 2014




Universal Identity Service

11th February 2015





ID3global Service

12th February 2015





Identity Provider service for Verify

30th April 2015


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