PKI Profile Review

PKI Profile Review


The following draft documents represent the result of the most recent review of the Base Approval Profile and the 7 PKI-related Approval Profiles.


Each file contains the marked-up changes from the currently Issued version of that file.


New Drafts:

Base Profile

tSd0111_3-02 Base Approval Profile (Draft C) pdf file


PKI-related Profiles

tSd0042 3-04 Approval Profile for Registration Services (Draft A) pdf file
tSd0102_3-03 Approval Profile for a Certification Authority (Draft A) pdf file
tSd0103_3-04 Approval Profile for Signing Key Pair Management (Draft A) pdf file
tSd0104_3-03 Approval Profile for Certificate Generation (Draft B) pdf file
tSd0105_3-03 Approval Profile for Certificate Dissemination (Draft A) pdf file
tSd0106_3-03 Approval Profile for Certificate Status Management (Draft A) pdf file
tSd0107_3-03 Approval Profile for Certificate Status Validation (Draft A) pdf file

Please review and, if you have any comments, please complete the PKI Profile Review Form.


Thank you for your support of this process.

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