Approval Profile for Certificate Status Validation – tSd 0107


This document defines the tScheme criteria against which organisations must be successfully assessed in order to be eligible for a Grant of approval for the provision of services to individuals, system objects, corporate entities and other organisations for the verification of the validity status of certificates.


The criteria given in this Approval Profile are related to the provision of services that enable service users to determine the validity of a certificate at a defined time. The services include those that offer access to a published Certificate Revocation List (CRL), those that actively distribute such lists, and those that directly return the certificate’s status to a requestor, for example as with the On-line Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).

This Profile does not assess Certificate Status Management, which would provide it with the information to publish. The scope is limited to only the verification of the status of a certificate and expressly excludes services that verify the signatures on certificates, signed documents or files.

Issue 3.03

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