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Schemes & Profiles

Schemes & Profiles


A scheme is a definition of a trust framework, rather than the trust service itself. So a scheme will set out the parameters and standards that are required of a trust service. Trust service providers (TSPs) use schemes to create and administer trust services.

Examples of Trust Schemes for which tScheme has either developed Profiles for or used its core set of Profiles against which organisations are independently assessed are as follows:

  • UKDIATF – Certification Scheme for UKDIATF from DCMS.
  • GOV.UK Verify – GOV.UK Verify was a service run by the Government Digital Service (GDS) to provide citizen access to HMG services using commercial Identity Providers.
  • tScheme for Police – this covers PKI controlled access to key systems.
  • Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) – SMKI is the public key infrastructure (PKI) for smart meters in the UK.
  • NHS Digital – NHS Digital exists to improve health and care by providing national information, data and IT services for patients, clinicians, commissioners and researchers.

Profiles cover the criteria against which TSPs will be assessed when they apply for tScheme approval.

    tScheme in the private sector

    Many major brands use tScheme approval for the services they offer organisations and consumers. This provides independent evidence of credibility and trust, in much the same way that ISO certification does for other business services and processes. tScheme approval signifies that the service conforms to one or more defined Profiles that has been audited and assessed independently.

    Schemes and Profiles

    Providing guidelines and criteria for organisations to develop their trust services.

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    Our members

    We’re a member-led not-for-profit organisation.

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    Getting tScheme approval

    Approval usually takes at least three months, but it can be quicker.

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