Approval Profile for Registration Services – tSd0042


This document defines the tScheme criteria against which organisations must be successfully assessed in order to be eligible for a Grant of Approval for the provision of services to individuals, system objects, corporate entities and other organisations for the verification and registration of identity and other attributes.


The criteria given in this Approval Profile are related to the provision of services that verify and register claimed registrant attributes. No specific constraint of scope is intended in this profile on the types of attribute that can potentially be verified using these services, or how they can be verified. In principle, the types of attribute examined in a Registration Service could range widely. For example they could be those:

  1. associated with personal identity, such as name, address, and birth date;
  2. related to a registrant’s employment or position in society, such as name of employee, creditworthiness, bank account number or club membership;
  3. belonging to IT system objects such as Virtual Private Network nodes.

Notwithstanding this, tScheme does however offer support on specific Registration Services. These are provided in separate documents that are detailed under External Standards and Guidelines. To demonstrate compliance, providers of such Registration Services are recommended to ask their Assessors to assess conformance to these documents when performing their Assessment.

EU regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions [eIDAS]

Where the TSP is claiming compliance with the requirements of [eIDAS], then they must verify identity through physical presence or the equivalence of physical presence.

Issue 3.04

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Getting tScheme approval

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