Approval Profile for Signing Key Pair Management – tSd 0103


This document defines the tScheme criteria against which organisations must be successfully assessed in order to be eligible for a Grant of Approval for the provision of services that enable subscribers to trust services to create digital signatures.


The criteria given in this Approval Profile are related to the provision of Key Management Services that enable subscribers to Trust Services to create digital signatures. Specific aspects of these Services include:

  1. Generation of (or provision of the means of generating) private signing and public signature-verification key pairs (each key of which is from now on referred to respectively as: Signing Key and Verification Key);
  2. Provision of Signing keys, either unassigned or to their rightful subscribers, and their protection and control;
  3. Provision of Verification keys, either unassigned or to their rightful subscribers, and/or to a certificate generation service;
  4. Provision to subscribers of the means of creating signatures using the Signing keys;
  5. Signing capability revocation, i.e. the disablement of Signing keys under the subscriber or TSP’s instructions.

Issue 3.02

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