Base Approval Profile – tSd 0111


This document defines the base tScheme criteria against which Trust Services and the organisations which provide them must be successfully assessed in order to be eligible for a Grant of Approval. It is intended to be used in conjunction with individual Approval Profiles specific to particular service types.


Criteria are listed under assessment topics. For each topic, the basic assessment criteria are identified. These are followed by examples of the typical forms of evidence that could be provided to an assessor. The evidence indication, while being as comprehensive as possible, is intended neither to be exhaustive nor mandatory. In all cases, the actual evidence to be provided must be agreed in advance between the TSP and the tScheme-recognised Assessor.

The topics are:

  • business probity and management competence;
  • management and security policies and procedure;
  • assurance of technical infrastructure;
  • suitability of personnel used;
  • external relationships, including:
    • externally provided service components;
    • relationships with suppliers of technology, equipment and general support services;
  • service related policies and procedures.

Compliance with this Approval Profile will then be achieved by satisfying the criteria in the subsequent sub-sections [available in full text copies].

Issue 3.00


Schemes and Profiles

Providing guidelines and criteria for organisations to develop their trust services.


What we do

Approval for organisations in the trust service provider sector.


Getting tScheme approval

Approval usually takes at least three months, but it can be quicker.