RegApp - PKI-DRS Service from Registers of Scotland

Registered Applicant Details

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1. Organisation details:

- Registers of Scotland
- Meadowbank House, 153 London Road, Edinburgh, EH8 7AU.

2. Specific service to be assessed:

- Public Key Infrastructure for Digital Registration Services (PKI-DRS)

3. Commencement Date of Registered Applicant status:

- 10th September 2020

4. Date initially agreed for commencement of detailed service assessment:

- March 2021

5. Date initially agreed for formal application for Grant of approval:

- End of May 2021

NOTE: Registered Applicant status recognises the firm commitment that Registers of Scotland is making to complete the tScheme assessment and approval process in a timely manner. It does not imply any form of tScheme approval for the PKI-DRS service at this stage.



Schemes and Profiles

Providing guidelines and criteria for organisations to develop their trust services.


Why tScheme approval?

It’s the mark which says your service meets the highest standards of trust.


Getting tScheme approval

Approval usually takes at least three months, but it can be quicker.