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Benefits of Approval

Why obtain tScheme approval?

tScheme approval is a sign that your trust scheme meets exacting standards, and can be relied upon by users and operators.

Clearly-recognised assurance

tScheme assesses Trust Service Providers (TSPs) against strict criteria. The assessment is carried out independently by UKAS-recognised assessors – only TSPs that meet the requirements can carry the tScheme trust mark. The tScheme trust mark indicates that:

  • The service has been thoroughly and independently evaluated against rigorous criteria
  • The service provider has agreed to keep to these criteria
  • The service provider subscribes to the tScheme Code of Conduct
  • The service provider will act promptly and fairly to remedy any faults
  • The service provider accepts annual renewal and audit obligations


tScheme works closely with the UK government to make UK the ‘best and safest’ place in the world for those wanting to provide or use digital services such as identity, data exchange and e-Commerce. The UK’s voluntary approvals regime makes a statutory authority unnecessary because Scheme Authorities select tScheme as the independent approvals regime ensuring each scheme has the flexibility needed but based on core standards and Profiles.

Transparency and reliability

Organisations who assert the tScheme Mark must ensure continuity of good practice. Every approval is reviewed and should be renewed periodically. tScheme can revoke approval if the conditions of approval are no longer met.

Openness and cooperation

tScheme is outward-looking and pro-active. As far as possible, we avoid duplicating the work of other organisations. Instead, we adopt existing standards and codes of conduct where they are credible and effective.

Use of tScheme approvals is growing with more and more schemes adopting independent assessment. We are also attracting interest from outside the UK, either in cooperating to develop similar schemes, or through applications for approval under the UK scheme.

Schemes and Profiles

Providing guidelines and criteria for organisations to develop their trust services.



A collection of white papers and presentations from tScheme.


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