Code of Conduct

The tScheme Code of Conduct

Participants in the electronic trust services industry strive:

  • to act in an honest, fair, reasonable and trustworthy manner;
  • not to bring electronic trust services into disrepute;
  • to provide clear information about what each electronic trust service provides, including limitations and exclusions, to those who rely on that service;
  • to meet service commitments and obligations;
  • to be proactive in identifying and correcting faults and deficiencies in electronic trust services;
  • to operate in accordance with appropriate standards;
  • to act promptly in resolving complaints relating to electronic trust services.

What we do

Approval for organisations in the trust service provider sector.


Getting tScheme approval

Approval usually takes at least three months, but it can be quicker.


Why tScheme approval?

It’s the mark which says your service meets the highest standards of trust.