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Our Members

Our Members

tScheme was formed because the UK government felt that the trust industry was best placed and should be responsible for setting and maintaining standards for itself. As a result, we are very much a member-led organisation, and actively encourage participation from our members in the way we are organised and managed.

The key advantage of this approach is that we are able to tap into the expertise of all of our member organisations, sharing knowledge across our membership. Organisations who operate one or more approved services are automatically granted membership, and become eligible to hold board positions or contribute in other ways.

Membership incurs an annual fee of £1,000 for each member organisation and £5,000 for Government member organisations. Eligibility for membership is automatic for approved Trust Service Providers and the fee is refunded by way of a discount on any tScheme fees.

Our members

  • BT
  • Cabinet Office
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Experian
  • Kantara Initiative
  • Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company
  • Open Identity Exchange (OIX)
  • Pay.UK

Getting tScheme approval

Approval usually takes at least three months, but it can be quicker.



A collection of white papers and presentations from tScheme.


Why tScheme approval?

It’s the mark which says your service meets the highest standards of trust.