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New Profile review

Following the most recent review of the PKI-related Approval Profiles it was decided that a new Profile single was needed to cover a service providing the functionality of a Root Certificate Authority rather than, as currently, require such a service to use the Certification Authority Profile (tSd0102) and the associated 5 or 6 sub-service Profiles.

To participate in a review of the result of that process, please visit the review page.

Current Profiles

The full tScheme Profiles are available as PDF documents free of charge for non-commercial use. To track monitoring, you must register (free of charge) – this entitles the user access to the restricted Approvals Profiles section. To register for access to the Profiles please click here. Already registered? Login, then access the files here.

According to the category of service applicable, the following section contains overviews of the scope and purpose of each of the tScheme Approval Profiles.

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